Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer is finally here!!! I've been acting like it's been here but now it really is. I really would like to go hiking more often (this explains the photo used here). I'm all about day trips or trips that will take a few hours because I'm a starter. There are several groups in the area, I guess joining them would be wise. We'll see. Oh, check this out, there's a magazine about backpacking out there - there are magazines about ANYTHING out there. Go print press!
This week was good. I can stand on my own legs today - great sign. I'm going back to Body Blasters (BB) today. They added 15 more minutes to the class cause it's Friday I guess. I can use every minute of it. If you'd be really close to me, you'd hear my prayers of thanksgiving to God every time we finish doing something I consider difficult. I thank Him for the strength to do it.
I'm really thinking about traning for a 5K. That's the next big challenge for me. I went as far as finding a race in the early Fall. Of course I'll keep you posted. My husband said he'd think about traning as well. Now, for our whole family to run together? That would be huge! I think he'd really enjoy it as well. Enjoy your first day of summer!