My Awesome Trip

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I just spent a week in Switzerland and France with my husband. The crazy number of miles I walked two weeks ago (26 miles plus) really helped with all the walking we did while seeing Paris. There are tons of awesome things to tell about the trip but for the sake of this blog we are going to focus on food today.

# We took snacks with us which saved us a good $20 in airport food. We still had our snacks when we got to Paris, so we had fuel for the go. I took a protein bar (30g) and trail mix. My husband got those 100 calorie packs of different snacks for himself. That worked and I am definitely doing that again even for a road trip.
# I took a walk around the airport while we waited for our flight. Even 5 minutes was going to benefit me.
# The airline food wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worst either. I ate a lot of the fruits and vegetables they had. The portions are really small, which was good. I drank a lot of water. Being tired and dehydrated is not a good combination.
# We stayed with friends so we didn’t have a lot of control of food choices. When we were by ourselves or at a party we did. My husband took photos of some things I ate in Paris, in Geneva and while attending a wedding. We didn’t take photos of everything we ate so you’re missing on the spaghetti, the veggie sandwiches, the croissants.
I haven’t really weighed myself in the gym because we just got back. I don’t think I lost weight, I was really just trying to enjoy my vacation and make good choices. Thank God because of the good habits I’ve been working on, these good choices have turned to good habits I carry around the world.
This morning instead of going to McDs (my hubby likes it LOL) or to a coffee shop (I like it), we went to the grocery store to get breakfast (rice cake, fruit, tea, soy milk) and lunch (I froze some food I cooked at home and left it here). I walked my usual 2.6 miles already, so we’re back in business people!
Vacations were meant to be enjoyed. If you gain weight, you can lose again. More on my trip (the ‘exercise’ part) later.

My Goals for the Week:
* Walk 13 miles (I have 10.4 to go!);
* Eat well; focus on protein, carbs and dairy intake;
* Manage stress in healthy ways;
* Treat myself this weekend.