He Loves Doughnuts, I Love Organic Granola

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Behavioral change is a 'trip'. There are no short cuts, you just have to work at it one day at the time. Lately I've been thinking about the candy jars that are displayed at my dinning room. Most people would think DANGER! But they are not affecting me. Here's the story: my husband is not crazy about cakes and pies but he likes the ocasional hershey's bar and lafy tafys! I don't like either so the candy doesn't bother me. I actually bought it for him so he can have his treats whenever he likes it. I don't want him to suffer just because my lifestyle has become different. I guess we are blessed in a way where we enjoy different treats. If we have sorbet, I never touch it. If I have chocolate covered strawberries, he never touches it. I like pies, he likes vanilla ice cream. My husband usually asks for a treat when we are in the store (usually brownies) so I buy the mix and make it for him. I freeze some of it so he can have it whenever he feels like it. Behavior change in my case was individual. I started eating more fruits and vegetables and my husband is still a meat eater. I am trying my best to leave all desserts alone and my husband still has sweets every day. He loves doughnuts, I eat organic granola with soy milk. Each family is different. For some, it's easier if the whole unity starts eating healthier and exercising. In my case, I had to go at it by myself but with his blessing. It is possible to get emotional support while eating two different ways. At least that's my experience. My latest challenge is to leave my scale alone. We no longer have a love/hate relationship. I'm the one who can't leave the poor thing alone. Out of sight, out of mind has worked for me before, so I have successfully "hidden" it from myself as well as writing about it here (that's where my accountability comes from). Today is day number one. I plan on weighing myself again on September 1. For some people this is an awefully long time but I want to give it a try. I met someone who completely relies on her good behavior and no longer weighs herself. I want to get to a place where I weigh myself once a month maybe. One day I will no longer have to write down everything I eat because I will know myself and I will be totally free to live life while still eating mostly fruits and veggies. That seems like a good dream and aspiration to have.

Goal Updates and More Details for You and Me:
{1} To burn at least 2,000 calories (training for 5K, walking, getting back to the elliptical, weight training, etc). 20.8 miles out of 26 miles to go! 3 out of 3 trainings for 5K to go!
{2} To get protein and dairy daily in my diet. I ran out of soy milk. We have plenty black beans!
{3} Focus on behavior change, not on the numbers on the scale. Haven't touched the scale for 1 day, 20 more to go.
{4} Make Saturdays my treat days. This Saturday I will... get a pedicure.