Friday, August 22, 2008

I found these questions on Maria's Last Diet and I wanted to answer them as a one year into my lifestyle change evaluation:

1. Can I envision a better life for myself once I've lost the weight?
Yes! I can see myself being more active, enjoying sports and exercising more and finding new healthy foods and better than all that, a very healthy life. I believe my family will also benefit from that.

2. Is this a good time for me to start a diet?
It was the perfect time cause my mind was changed.

3. Should I do this myself or should I get some help?
I did it with help and I realize that every time I get help it works.

4. Do I know what went right and what went wrong with my last two diet attempts?
I was starving myself during the last one and that wasn't good. The previous one... I just wasn't eating the correct foods. There was not a lot of variation.

5. Have I chosen a diet that is particularly good for me?
Yes because it's not a formula and I can eat great foods no matter where I am.

6. Do I know how to keep a cheating episode from ruining my diet?
I can start all over again the next meal. I can exercise and most importantly, remember that guilt and condemnation are not part of an abundant life.

7. Am I willing to make changing my eating a priority?
Yes, it has been a priority for over a year now.

8. Do I believe in my ability to change?
I believe I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I believe that God created me to adapt in order to live an abundant life. Change is always welcome.

9. Can I let go of old patterns of behavior?
Through God's healing and determination, yes.

10. Do I have a workable strategy for maintaining my weight loss after this diet?
I have gotten tips from my health educator. I think that if I keep exercising and eating well, I should be okay. This is a lifestyle and once I changed it, I have no desire to go back to old patterns of behavior.

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My Goals for the week of August 17 -24:
{1} To burn at least 2,000 calories - 2,939.5 calories burned not counting today's work out!
{2} To get protein and dairy daily in my diet - OK
{3} Focus on behavior change, not on the numbers on the scale - Haven't touched the scale for 11 days, 10 more to go.

ENJOY your weekend!