Still Hot

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's hot outside! Are you staying hydrated? I'm making sure to get all my glasses of water this week. So, how has my life changed since I've lost the weight? I've gained motivation just by moving more and exercising. It has become a great habit and I plan on sticking with it. Now that I'm looking back at the season, we haven't been to that many cookouts and dinner parties as last year. Maybe cause last year we were part of a dinner group :) I love eating mostly at home, it helps to have more calorie intake control and it helps me with my skill ;) I've noticed a lot of moms working out with their babies outside. I think that's awesome. I've been reading Roni's blog. She went to Weight Watchers with her baby on her hip and she's done an awesome job thus far. She's an inspiration to many.
Eat as a Family, Lose weight is an old Webmd article. I've never experienced that. Growing up my dad decided he needed to lose weight and he ate mostly what we ate with a few modifications and he did it. He also started jogging. A few years after that I decided I wanted to lose weight so I did the same as he did but I walked and I lost weight.
My husband eats mostly the same things as I do and I'm glad I don't have to cook two different meals. Even when we eat stuff like pizza or pasta, all I do get the measuring cups out and measure my portions.
I think it's possible to lose weight while eating with my family. I just need to make sure I exercise and watch my portions. I'm also blessed in a way where my family back in Brasil and here in the States always has vegetables available for dinner.
Goals for the week!
* Train for 5K (3 times); 2 down – 1 to go!
* Walk (3 times); 2 down – 1 to go!
* Get protein and dairy daily;
* Write in food journal;
* Treat myself for achieving goals.