BIG news

Saturday, September 13, 2008

We are expecting!Life has been great because of the blessing of the Lord in our lives. I'm on cloud 7 and I haven't came down yet. I'm feeling awesome, thank God. My purpose through my blog is to keep you informed of what's going on with me. Most of the focus will probably be on nutrition, exercise and anything else I find useful to keep me motivated to continue to have a healthy pregnancy.
We found out that we were expecting on week 5. I was way more aleart of what was going on inside of me on week 6. I was more tired than usual. Thank God and thanks to my husband, I was encouraged to keep exercising and eating well. My doctor told me to keep doing everything I was doing before with a few exceptions. I'm still exercising as before, I'm still eating as before. The major change for me was the elimination of caffeine. I didn't realize that 99% of my teas at home had caffeine on it. I've been backing up from caffeine for a while. We used to have starbucks at home and we stopped buying it a while ago. We then moved to decaff, and once we ran out of it, we didn't buy it any more. We bought peppermint tea and another caffeine free blend that tastes really good. I've cut sugar from my teas a while ago so I don't have the need to do that now. I am free to taste the tea in its pure form. It was weird to give away all the green tea I had at work but it's all gone now.
Next time I'll talk more about my visit to the health educator. Believe it or not my weight hasn't changed. I'm not worried about it. My focus is to be sure that the baby and I get great nutrition. I'm eating a mostly vegetarian diet. I'll fill you in later. We have 5K in less than a month. It's a challenge to train when I'm tired so I try to do it before that happens. It will be my first 5K and I'm glad I got the OK of my doctor to do it. I heard there was a local woman competing when she was 4 moths pregnant. Women really rock. I do plan on competing after the baby is born and maybe going for a 10K next time. Well, we just wanted to share the news and the joy! We appreciate the prayers,
Mamae e Papai.