Confession and Pregnancy

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My pregnancy will be as good as my confession. That dawned on me this week. I became more sensitive and that’s another reason why I should practice positive confessions.
I had to change my confession in order to become a healthier woman a few years ago. What I allow to enter my mind also influences how positive my confessions are. I used to read lots of blogs of women who lost many pounds but whose minds were still negative (thus, the constant fear of gaining all the weight back, the constant unforgiveness towards self and others for hurts from the past, etc). I no longer read material that does not add to my life by giving me the true hope that comes from knowing the freedom that Jesus gives. I tossed Cosmo, Essence, Ebony, you name it. If it's not talking about the freedom that all humans have in Jesus, I'm not reading. If it's steryotyping women and montly telling me I'm not good enough, don't expect me to read it. I was bought with a price, no longer do I have to go back under slavery.

Is time to surround myself with the Word of God. Have you had a day where you realize that you need to read the pure word of God all day? Yesterday was one of those days for me. It settles down deep inside of me and it brings joy. Most women's magazines can never make me feel that way. Don't fool yourself, the media influences what you think about yourself girl friend.

You say what you believe. If you call yourself fat all that time (even sometimes) that’s what you believe. That’s what’s in your heart. Joyce Meyer explains this process really well:
When we react negatively, we allow fear to take over our thinking. We begin to dwell on things that haven’t even happened and may not happen. Our negative thoughts cause us to speak the words that’ll shape our future. Believing is the first important step to switching our thinking from being negative to positive. Remember, what’s in our hearts and minds will come out of our mouths. If our soul (mind, will and emotions) is full of negative things, we’ll find those things coming our way. On the other hand, when we hear, read, think and talk about God, the Truth and more positive things, we’ll find that those good things will come our way. The choice is ours!” Read the whole article here
So, I have a choice to confess positive things such as “I have a healthy pregnancy, I will have a healthy baby and a blessed delivery."
"I will get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I will continue to eat well and exercise throughout my pregnancy and beyond. I will weigh what God wants me to weigh."

In the book Me and My Big Mouth, Joyce Meyer lists the confessions she used for years. I encourage you to make your own list of confessions based on the Word of God.
I refuse to be under the circumstances if God said I’m the head, I’m above and not beneath.
What do you want? Have you been confessing it often? That’s my challenge this season.
Kelly O. said...

Way to go girlfriend. I love standing on God's promises. I am 2 months pregnant and confessing good things over me, my body, my baby, and my delivery daily. Joyce Meyer is a great resource is better understanding the power of your words. Keep it up!

Kelly O. said...

Way to go sister. There is so much truth in what you are talking about. There is so much power in standing upon and confessing the Word of God over your life. I am 2 months pregnant and so grateful that I learned some of the things you spoke of in your blog post early on because I believe I have had an enjoyable pregnancy because I know what God wants for me and I am getting in agreement with Him every time I confess over myself, my baby, my body and my delivery. Excited for more ladies to grasp this!