Motivation Boost

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Motivation... motivation... People search for it, many find it. Many more just need a BOOST!If you just need a boost on your motivation, let me say that exercise is the answer. Why exercise? Here are the reasons:
"Exercise reduces stress, it enhances the immune system and it postpones the aging process.Reduced Anxiety and DepressionDepression and anxiety can lead to a feeling of isolation. By partaking in aerobic sports, one can choose to join a running club, swimming club, gym or any other sports club. These activities get you out an about and can put you in positions where you HAVE to speak to people.Stress ReductionDo you feel like the whole world is collapsing on top of you? I think everyone does at one stage or another. If you keep positive, it will pass. Aerobic exercise is a great way to keep positive. When you are stressed, it is important to get enough sleep. Exercisers actually go to sleep faster, are more refreshed when they wake up, and have sharper memories. Exercise increases the blood flow to the brain, bringing extra sugar and oxygen, which can help when concentrating. And once again, the little endorphins can make you happier, making you feel like maybe it will all be OK after all.Aerobic exercise offers a distraction. For an hour or so each day, you can put yourself in a position where you are too busy worrying about the prospect of having to run another two miles before you can stop.Burning excess fat and toning up can boost anyone’s confidence. Clothes fit better, and you receive compliments from friends, which often is enough to begin to lift the heavy cloud of a mild depression. " by Ciara Carruthers
Exercise has boosted my motivation time and time again. Eating correctly is good but the boost you get from exercising is incomparable. Another fact, the lighter you are, the easier it is to exercise. Hang in there and give exercise a try for a while!
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My Goals for the week of August 31 - September 6:
{1} To burn at least 2,000 calories; (850 to go)
{2} To get protein and dairy daily in my diet.
{3} Focus on behavior change, not on the numbers on the scale.