Babies in Costume

Friday, October 31, 2008

Today is Halloween. I'm seeing some babies in costume which has been really cute. Apparently in my niece's daycare, some kids have been dressing up the whole month, lol! They have a party today, I gotta post the photos later. I think she was going to be a princess but they ended up choosing an angel costume, she looks really cute.
We've spent a lot of the week around my niece and nephew, that was a lot of fun. We live so far away that we do treasure the little time we spend with them, especially now while little babies.

Our time away has been great. To be honest, we've done so much I almost forgot I was pregnant. Being away from home is much different, there's no routine on the road, so we're doing the best we can.

My eating has been good. I haven't been overwhelmingly hungry but I still do eat often. I haven't really exercised this week although I wanted to do that. I'm getting as much rest as I can. Back to normal on Monday.

So, this is week 13, next week I will be officially out of the first trimester, can you believe it? This trimester is supposed to go by fast cause you find out you're pregnant by half of it :) Thank God I'm still feeling great. My goal is to keep exercising, keep lifting weights and eating the best I can. It's really funny that I haven't craved sweets (or anything else by this matter). I guess that was my personal stereotype on pregnancy. It's been a great time. I'm looking forward to having more peace and joy as the months go by. I'm also looking forward to painting the baby's room and making it nice and cozy way before the last trimester. By then I'll probably saying: come on baby!!!