Congratulations for Finishing

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I was leaving the gym two days ago and one of the trainers said 'did I see your name on the paper about the 5K?' I didn't know my name was on the paper, but I told him I run the race. He said 'Congratulations on finishing it.' That was a HUGE boost of encouragement for me. The older trainers at the gym are really encouraging. I thank God for the encouragement I've gotten along the way. It makes me want to go on and keep working out. Yesterday I was pretty tired in the afternoon. Honestly, I might have had too many bites on my sandwich LOL. Anyway, I went on to the gym in the afternoon and worked out for 40 minutes. I'm just now starting to feel the difference in my body cause I added the weight lifting again. I've felt really good about that and it will make me a stronger Mama.
I was debating in going to the gym early this a.m. but I decided to swing by the grocery store and get a decent breakfast and eat it at my desk before work. I'm gonna stick with going to the gym after work, it's just working for me this week. There's something about working out with other people present. As far as I noticed, there's not that many people just going to the gym to look at what others are doing (except for the trainers, who work out before or after work). If you are there, it's because you are going to do something, even if it's a light walk. I was training so much by myself and right now I just need a whole bunch of other people training around me. It pushes me to work on myself. I keep thinking that my stomach will continue to grow and I will probably attract some attention just like every pregnant woman does but it's alright. I know that when I saw pregnant ladies working out I was full of awe and admiration. These days, when I feel like giving up, I tell myself 'you've done things for everyone else today, this is the 1 hour you get to do something for yourself.' That usually does the trick, especially cause there's a baby who benefits from it all.