Week 9

Friday, October 3, 2008

So, I’m 9 weeks pregnant today. Here’s what’s going on: 9 weeks (I did a search and this came up)
I still fit in my old clothes. This is a great sign. My doctor said, please don’t gain 10 pounds a month. I said yes sir!
I feel great. I feel awesome. As long as I get a good 9 hours of sleep I’m good for the whole day. Other than that, I’ve been respecting the signs my body gives me of when to eat, what to eat and when to sleep. I’m still exercising, currently training for the race. The folks at the gym were a great encouragement for me to keep showing up and doing everything I can to stay in shape in the months to come. 9 weeks gone, 31 to go. I thank God for everything that’s happening to me. It’s amazing to think about what’s going on inside of me. Most of the time I think is too marvelous to try to keep up with every little detail so I’m just enjoying it and living life to the fullest.
I’m not on the shopping mode right now. I guess we have so much on our plates that we’re working on a budget, getting the house ready and then we’ll talk about baby shopping. We’re seriously considering a ‘babymoon.’ I think it will be a lot of fun. I’d go to Fiji somewhere if I could but we’re gonna be creative in the States, most likely.
Oh, our town has a new 24-hours Wal-Mart. What does that mean? Zeke gets to eat Tuna again! They carry the best brand of Tuna salad we know, we used to eat it all the time in college. Also, thank God we’ve done some research on heating – last year we were the subjects of the research – and I think we found something that’s gonna work better for us and it’s not gonna be too expensive. Zeke did the rounds in the neighborhood yesterday and he got some great tips from our neighbors. I love our neighbors, I’m looking forward to seeing them more often. Believe it or not, I go a month without having a proper conversation with them. Have a great weekend everyone! I’m getting my hair trimmed Saturday, I really need to get that done so I’m excited. Bye for now.