Back to Oats

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yesterday I went back to Oatmeal! I love eating oatmeal, I usually eat it throughout the fall, winter and spring. Brasil is such a tropical country that I never ate oatmeal until I moved here 10 years ago. Naturally, the breakfasts I ate at home are few and far in between. I do eat them when I go home for old time sake lol. I found these top 10 reasons to eat oatmeal. I hope you enjoy them. I've tried other hot cereals and the only other one I eat is grits. I never really buy it to make it at home, I usually eat them at restaurants in the south. Back to oatmeal, I hope you give it a try. It's delicious and it gives you so many health benefits! This time I fixed my oatmeal with milk (1%), brown sugar, cinammon, craisings, almonds and bananas. It wasn't very sweet, which is good. The bananas compliment the sweetness of the brown sugar. It fills me up pretty good, which has been good at this time of pregnancy.
Talking about Brasil, last night my husband and I had a treat: a dinner cooked by a Brazilian here in town! She's related to a sister who goes to our church, that's how we met. We had picanha (can you believe it???), rice, beans, farofa and garlic bread. It was awesome!!! Tonight we're having vegetarian pizza. My husband fixes the best pizzas, so I'm looking forward to eating at home tonight.