Doctor Visit Update

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let's start with BIG NEWS: we find out the sex of the baby December 8th! I can't wait!!! I thought it was going to take them longer than that but in their practice they go for it on week 18, isn't that exciting???
My visit was awesome. This time around we got the midwife and I LOVED HER! Her approach is much different than the doctors, although I love all the doctors I've seen. It's a small, very personable practice. I won't be upset if she's on call when my baby is born. She made us feel so special, she congratulated us and just really encouraged us both.
I'm sitting in my nursery today! It was painted, it looks beautiful! Whether we have a boy or a girl we can decorate it and the details will bring this little nursery to life. There's not much here besides my computer and my nursing couch (or whatever you call it). I need to bring our gifts back keep my eyes open to how I intend to decorate it. I'll be looking for some picture frames. I might want to get my own work here, we'll see.
I'm still feeling great. God has blessed me and I'm so excited. It was a blessing to have this room finished while I was a way on a women's retreat last weekend so I didn't have to smell the paint. You can't smell it in my room either, which is another blessing.
It's snowing today. How romantic is that? I had lunch with a good friend and I'm catching up on some much needed rest. God is good. Have a great week everyone!