Thanksgiving Week

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I survived Thanksgiving, thank God! It was a great holiday. We did lots of cooking, cleaning, entertaining and RESTING. I'm kinda glad the holiday is on Thursday cause you have the rest of the holiday to rest and enjoy family. Here's a photo of me cooking Martha Stewart's recipe for Pecan Pie, crust and all!!!!
I was told that making crust was hard. I just followed the recipe and it turned out great. It tasted really good and it was good enough to make two pies. I still have a whole pie left, I'll probably take it to work tomorrow. We had a few friends and their children over for dinner. Here's my husband right after he carved his first turkey:
It's just a blessing to be able to share our home, food and fellowship. Zeke and I took a walk after the Thanksgiving dinner, it was a blessing!!! That's a great tradition, isn't it? We were resting on Friday, all day. We rented two movies and watched them both. We like to watch Christmas movies around this time of the year, so that's exactly what we did. Zeke's birthday was a blast. We spent a whole day hanging out, doing tons of fun things together. We went out with two good friends for dinner and sang happy birthday at home. We had his favorite cake: caramel cake!!! 
It's been a great holiday weekend. Now is back to normal - sort of cause now we have Christmas coming up and before then, we find out if we are having a boy or a girl. I hope you had a great holiday. 

*This is a gingerbread house we saw during Zeke's birthday :) I found it impressive!