Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This is the last day of 2008. I looked forward to this year and now it's gone. The good thing is that God blessed us and we enjoyed every moment of it. 2008 was the last year where it was 'just the two of us,' 09 will bring the first new member to our family. I see the new year as an envelope full of surprises, good and not so pleasant. What sets the tone of the year is how well I deal with these surprises. God wants us to have an abundant life full of joy, no matter the circumstances. The other option is to be a complainer, a downer, whiner, etc. We have clear choices, which ones will I make? I want to have a peaceful year in 2009 - I'm reading an old book on Pursuing Peace. I want to have a healthy year in 2009 - I'm keeping up good habits such as watching my food portions, exercising and practicing rest and relaxation. I want to be a great wife and mom in 2009. I've been a wife for 3 years and I have many areas to improve but I've never been a mom. I'm willing to learn how to parent this unique son I'm having according to God's Word and guidance. I want to do other things such as run another 5K or two. I'll never forget that my first 5K was this year, my son and I ran together :) next year he will be waiting for me in the finish line along with my husband :) Of course I want to be debt free! 
I hope you take the time to be thankful for 2008 and write down your goals for 2009, even if it's just one. Remember: the year that starts tomorrow is full of surprises. It's up to you how you will embrace the new things that will happen to you. Do it with grace, thankfulness and a giving heart. Thanks for reading, Simply Cintia