Pregnant during Christmas

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's the Christmas season and I'm very pregnant! What a difference a year makes! I've been telling you all about the challenges of keeping an exercise routine and nutricious eating. I'm not gonna publicize how much weight I'm gaining or not because each pregnancy is so different. I want to focus on keeping a healthy routine throughout this whole season. Yesterday we had another doctor's visit, it was good. I can tell the parties plus the pregnancy are definately affecting my weight. I don't want to imagine what things would be like if I was not exercising and eating sensibly!
My son is doing just fine, the doctor's visit was great. We usually don't have many, many questions. We'll probably have more next month, I guess. Right now we're enjoying the pregnancy and health so we are satisfied. We have been thinking about the pregnancy (we do that every day), we just don't have that many questions this month. Next time we get to do a diabetes test. I'm believing God I will not have any problems with that. Most women do not. My mom never did. I believe God I will not. Again, besides believing God's promises I have been walking in health for over a year. God has taught me what I need to do in order to have and maintain a healthy body, so that's the kind of life I want to live. I appreciate your prayers.
Last night we went to a fabulous holiday party. My husband and I attended more parties this year because we are in the country :) so we are having all kinds of fun. We're not thinking about hosting Christmas parties ourselves, we rather wait til the day and celebrate it BIG. We do appreciate good parties before the big day!
After the doctor's visit yesterday I told my husband I'm gonna have to rethink my holiday exercise plan. I was going to work out twice this week but I might have to get there 4 times, just like last week. I can't let my body relax too much because of the holiday, it will help me navigate the season much better, I believe.
The plan for the week is to enjoy family and friends. The cooking will actually be much easier than Thanksgiving because we're cooking Brazilian food (yes!). I got all my groceries yesterday and I will start working on the menu tonight. I got my gym holiday schedule, so I will know when to show up and work out :) I'll be glad to relax a little too and be thankful to God for all He's done.
Next year we will celebrate with our son. That's gonna be exciting. I'm sure he will enjoy the celebrations with our family.
I'll probably wait til next week to post again, so have a merry Christmas! Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, that's the reason why we celebrate! God bless you!
Feliz Natal pra todos!