Week 20: Half way there!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

This pregnancy has been amazing, it’s flying by! What?! Half way there?! It’s just amazing! The top of my uterus is on the level of my belly button. The baby is growing, I feel movement (usually when I’m sitting at work) and it’s lots of fun. The next milestone is for my husband to feel the baby move too. We know we’re having a boy and we’re really excited about that.
I also realized I have two whole months in the second trimester. What am I to do? Anything and everything that requires physical labor in order to prepare for the arrival of my son. Of course my husband is the one who will put furniture together, move things, etc but I can do my part in getting the rest of the house organized for the arrival and keep it organized from now. Our home does look very different than it did when we first got pregnant. It’s way more organized. Thank you God and thank you son!
I’m still trying to figure out the whole baby shower custom in America. In my country you can schedule your own. Here people host it for you. I also think that the host in America has a lot of say so in the party but mostly if the honoree doesn’t have a strong opinion about anything. This is my very limited experience through limited observation. I’ll definitely keep you posted on what else I find out. My spring of 2009 is booked with work and at the end of it all, it’s booked with a brand new son. How exciting is that?
This week I’ve been getting extremely sleepy around 3 p.m. I guess it’s the time of the day I stop in front of the computer and just do computer things. I fell asleep in front of the screen one day, then I got up and went for a walk. The exercise has definitely helped me with my sleeping at night. I had no clue that exercising was that beneficial. I’m definitely feeling my muscles getting more toned, and that’s always exciting.
I found a new podcast to listen to called Baby Time. A couple talked about their pregnancy and birth experience in this show, it was really cool specially cause I went ahead and listened to the birth one, it was really sweet.
As you can tell, I’m looking forward to this weekend not only for the parties but because I need a manicure, a pedicure and I need to get my hair done. I still haven’t tried on my party dresses. I know one of them fits for sure, the other one, I’m not so sure cause it fit a few months ago.
I thank God for being half way through my pregnancy. I’ll post an updated photo when I’m party ready this weekend.