Feet Up

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hello! Just a rare Sunday post for you :) this weekend I treated myself to some much needed R-E-S-T. I put my feet up and read my news magazines, got a french pedicure (doing it myself while I can be that flexible LOL), manicure, deep conditioner on my hair (I haven't done that in a while) and I watched Murder She Wrote (Zeke got me hooked in this old series). I cooked too and thank God most of the house was already clean. There was a party going on last night but by the time Zeke got home he still had some more work to do and sister girl was ready to go to bed.

Today we went to church, we had awesome services, thank God. I cooked lunch and took it to a friends' house so we had lunch, talked and I even played a little bit with her gorgeous twin girls (they're 15 months and fabulous). I like visiting friends, it's so refreshing. It's fun when they have kids too. I ask all kinds of questions about things they do. When you're about to be a parent and you never really had babies around, you're kind of clueless (I know I am). 

The child birth classes are going well. Zeke loves them! Thank God for my husband, he's a man of God who is so supportive of his family! He's excited about helping me through labor and whatever else comes our way. He's the only person who's able to know how many changes my body has been through but more importantly, how God has changed my mind. 

This week I plan on going to the gym often. I keep telling you the same thing but I sleep so much better when I exercise! Although I have to use the restroom through the night I'm just so tired it doesn't take long to fall right back to sleep. Oh, one exciting thing happening is that we have another ultrasound this week! I can't wait to see this baby again! Because I rested so much I felt him move more. I can tell he's growing, that's exciting.  
This is a photo of Zeke and I with Blanca from Group1Crew last weekend. I don't know why, I felt like I was the star in the photo LOL! She's so cool, so down to earth. You should check out this group, their sound is just awesome. I will talk to you this week again ;)