95 Days

Monday, February 2, 2009

I just realized my ticker went down from weeks left to have my son to DAYS! My first thought? What can I can done in 95 days?! LOL God help us all!
So, the doctor’s visit went well. I got to see my primary physician. I like him best because he’s known me the longest but we’re please with everyone in the practice. The first thing we did when we got there were labs then we did an ultrasound. The whole thing lasted a little over 5 minutes. My son wasn’t moving much – he didn’t do any flips per say. He’s much bigger (1 pound and 15 ounces) so I’m sure he felt someone pocking me on the outside. It was exciting to see him. Now, more exciting than that is the fact that we found a place where we can get a F-R-E-E 3D video/photos of our baby! It’s a school but I’ve heard the program is popular cause it’s free and the students act like professionals. I so signed myself up for that! The practice where we are going charges $250 and of course this wonderful service is not included in our insurance. God is good! We didn’t think we were going to have it done at all.
This was a fun weekend. We were wore out Friday (me from all the exercise and the work week, Zeke by working late nights on a project) so we just went to sleep. Friday, we finished our resting but we got some things done as well. Oh, I treated myself to a hair trim (yes!), new foundation (I’ve needed one badly for a while) and a new nail polish color which turned out much darker than I thought it would. I kept it anyway because a lot of women are using very dark colors. Just something new. I went and visited a friend for a few minutes as well, that’s always fun. Sunday we had tons of fun at church, we heard an awesome word from God about making disciples. A friend gave us a gift certificate for the Cracker Barrel, so we ate lunch there. We do enjoyed eating there when we travel, it was such a nice treat! I told my husband, I don’t think I could have cooked better than they did today ;) he said I could have (I just love him). We passed out on the couch til later. We had a few projects in mind for the weekend so since we’re not football fans we started on cooking for the week and organizing paperwork as well as other things (thank God and thanks Zeke). I love spending time with Zeke. It’s such a treat to be with him and just chill.
You’d be proud of me: I made the conscious effort to buy fresh: kale, asparagus, green salad, zucchini and squash this week because I’ve been reading a new nutrition magazine. We were eating more frozen veggies but this week I decided to make a change. We always have fresh fruit, so fresh veggies takes a little more effort on our part. My son will be eating ‘so fresh and so clean’ this week. Thanks for reading yall!