Making Progress

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good morning everyone! It's snowing! I'm waiting for the streets to clear up. I can think of tons of things to do at home or as my husband says, tons of things not to do LOL. I had a great night of sleep, thank God. We've had great dinners at home. I have to think about something for tonight. The kale and the asparagus were delicious! We also had chicken and pecan rice. You can't get better than that!
I talked to my friend Katia today. She's having a girl a week after me tough her little girl is a little bigger than my boy right now :) She lives in Switzerland, so we compare health systems and just different things we've been going through. I also read a blog from a lady who's due soon in Holand. It's amazing to see how some things change from country to country. I like the American approach to birth so far. You have lots of options tough one thing is sure: the baby will come, regardless of what I do or not do.
I changed my exercise schedule this week. Instead of hitting the gym hard daily I'm taking a day of rest between workouts. I feel great about that so far. My gym doesn't offer classes for expectant mothers (probably because most of the population consists of senior citizens) so you pretty much have to do what you feel or join regular classes. I've been saying I'd like to go to the water aerobics but I haven't quite made it yet. I still have time.

Everyone is talking about the lady who had 8 babies at once. I'm also curious to hear the story coming from herself but one thing is sure, those are her children and I pray that once she comes out in public that she will get lots of help (college scholarships, diapers, clothes, money, a bigger home, babysitters, etc). I think that Americans are really generous tough right now everyone is just curious. My prayer is also that all the 8 babies will continue to grow and develop to be healthy children.

I'm still super excited about Valentines' Day. I was working on my spending plan for this month and was not sure if we could spend anything on Valentines. I prayed about it but my attitude was, it would be nice to have the money to do something fun but if we can't, it's alright. Well, the Lord blessed Zeke with a gig so he called me and told me he was going to make some Valentines' day money so we can celebrate however we want. Isn't that a blessing? We're also working on getting off debt aggressively so that things will be easier once the baby arrives. It seems that getting off debt has been our goals since we said 'I do.' I think that's great because we all need to be debt free if we aren't. It's been a challenging journey cause we can't do what everyone else does but it's brought us together and it's made us free and flexible.

About a boy: my son is doing great. We're excited about his approaching arrival. I will be 7 months pregnant next week! Can you believe it? Almost on the third tri! My body has been doing a lot of adjusting and I'm happy about it. I keep wondering how my body will change after this and the other children come. I feel I can manage my weight with no issues. I wonder if something will change permanently like hips for example. We'll wait and see.

These are my updates for now. God bless you and remember to reach for your goals, we are still in the beginning of a promising year!