Great Weekend!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring is definately on its way! We had a marvelous weekend. Friday we had dinner with great friends from church. They own a farm outside of town, so it's always fun to look at the plantation, the different fases and to learn what it takes to get great veggies on our table. Their company is also very peaceful. Zeke and I appreciate that so much.
Friday was doctor appointment day as well. Though I'm 31 weeks I'm measuring 32. I had no clue that your belly measure goes along with your weeks somehow. We'll see what they say this week. Baby is going great, moving a whole lot. I can definately tell when he moves from side to side. We're playing some of Zeke's music so he can listen to it. I haven't given him that much variety tough he obviously listens to whatever I listen to. It's been fun to feel his response to the songs. In a week and 2 days we'll get to see my baby again! The 3D will be fun. I can't wait (really I can) to get a pick at his lovely little face.
Saturday I got mani and pedi done. I told Zeke that might be the last time I do my pedicure for a while cause it's getting challenging to get my feet to turn closer to my body :) Oh the joys of growing a baby! I cut my nails down as you can tell. It's easier to type now LOL. Zeke's not a fan of the dark nailpolish but because I bought it I'm gonna use it. I darkened the red I had the last time on my feet so there you have it. This should last a little while. Oh, next weekend I'm supposed to get a new hair style. I'm gonna wait and show you the photo before I tell you about it, so I'm excited about that too.

Sunday we went to church and we had a marvelous time. As my pregnancy progresses I can't jump as much as I did with 9 weeks :) I'm just thankful for being as healthy and mobile as I am. I'm trying my best to pace myself on Sundays - as well as other week days. We went to lunch with a couple we've known for approximately 3 years. We haven't seen them in a while so it was nice to catch up. Oh, I had a chance to preach at the vespers service in the community where I work on Sunday night. The Lord blessed us and we had a great time. We talked about Caleb. I'll post the message here this week.
My eating last week sucked. It wasn't as healthy as it should be. Thank God for another chance! I plan on eating at home during this week so I don't have to eat out that much. We're supposed to get showers but as far as today I'm getting out there and walking!
60 DAYS TIL BABY'S BIRTHDAY! Or much less of course. That's around two months or less. I'm wondering if I should have a birth plan. Most of the options on a birth plan are possible at the hospital where I'm going. I think it's better to let Zeke know exactly what I want and he'll advocate for me. It's worked this way throughout the pregnancy, I believe it will be okay during the labor & delivery. Pray for me :)