Single Digits

Friday, March 6, 2009

We're down to single digits when it comes to how many weeks have til my son is born. We have 9 more weeks! We've accomplished a lot so far and I have a feeling the pace will get much quicker as time goes by. Our baby room has new carpet, paint and a cute new crib. We were also blessed with other cute gifts for the baby. I'm looking forward to having him, he's the most important person who will actually enjoy his little room. How cute. 
Last night we finished our last childbirth class. The topic was breastfeeding. I learned a lot. I've been reading so much on it, but it was nice to hear the opinion of people who actually take care of me. We have one more training next week which is infant CPR. After that, it's wait til the baby arrives and have fun. 
It's tax season. We went and took care of it yesterday, thank God everything went well. Give Ceasar what belongs to him, right? That's exactly what I believe. Filing taxes together is a change that came with married life and I actually appreciate it cause Zeke helps me so much. Being a family comes with more than cake and a white dress, you have many other responsibilities that help you grow together.
We have a doctor's visit today. I feel good tough this week was a little different. I got a little tired a couple of days and I'm 'experimenting' with different solutions. Rest is the obvious, what I do is try to pace myself in different ways: more rest at night, moderate exercise, changing the way I eat (yep, this week wasn't the ideal). I've been also mindful that that this is the finish line and we need to get more and more rest. I've been working ahead on projects at work as well as other personal things we need to do. God's been good. I'm glad He designed pregnancy in a way you grow into being a mother for 9 months, you just don't wake up 8 months pregnant and ready to hold a baby. 
It's beginning to look more like Spring. This weekend is gonna be gorgeous but I need to be off my feet tomorrow all day. At this point, anything is better than the frigid temperatures we've had.
I'm still amazed at the new social network technology available. I still don't feel like joining it. I keep wondering if I need to tweet but the answer is still no. I'm gonna stick with my blog and maybe when I have different circumstances I'll have to join everything else.
Have a great weekend!