Snow = Neve

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's snowing a lot, it started when we were in church  :) It's been fun to watch it from inside. We worked some yesterday, so I'm keeping my feet up today. 
We cut our cable but we still get 4 channels. If it's digitally or not, I don't know because they're odd: local abc affiliate; the style network (???); CSS and National Geographic. We are Good Morning America fans so ABC is great. We also dig 'Life in Mars' but I don't even know if that's still on. I like 'Whose Wedding is it Anyway' but I can't tell you when this show comes on Style. We're not huge sports fans except for now (today to be exact). I'm watching the Lakers (my team) play the Suns. Come to find out there's a Brazilian player in the Suns but no way I'll change my team, I've been a Lakers fan since the late 80s. Zeke can care less, we skip every super bowl festivities for a couch to sleep. I've been telling him I want to see the Lakers play one day, he said he totally go. We'll see :) 
A lot of people were in church today so I gave out most of the baby shower invitations out. It was fun. You have to have that conqueror attitude to find people between two services, pass that invite and move on to the next person. I have the invites in alphabetical order (that's very much like me), that made my task much easier. Most people mail their invitations which cuts down on the running around and the oddness (not everyone gets invited, etc) but sister girl was trying to save and make things easier. Oh, we also had some envelopes from our wedding invitation days we needed to use so, there you have it :) I have my blog on my invite, hopefully I'll pick up on some new readers. 
Today is my mother-in-law's birthday, we gave her a call after church. Being 60 should be a huge accomplishment, I think. When I'm 60, let's see, my first born will be 31! Wow, that's pretty cool. 
Baby boy is doing great. We're looking forward to our 3D ultrasound in a few weeks. I felt the baby move while I walked yesterday, that was new :)
We'll probably have delays tomorrow, that will be cool. I'll work from home and still keep my feet up :) 
That first photo is of Brazilian sweet popcorn. I found it in Charlotte, so I had it this weekend. Good stuff, great childhood memories.