What's Going On

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I thought that after I finished my last major to do list life would be a breeze. I am thankful to God for helping us make it through our to do list and I am still thankful for progress! Tax season, cable-internet-phone renewal season, Spring retreats season... baby season! I have less than 2 months, can you believe it? The baby room is taking shape slowly but surely. I know I'm supposed to have a hospital bag packed at some point but I haven't found the time yet, there's too much to do before I get ready for the trip of our lives, the one where I bring a beautiful son back home. Every day I look at Zeke and say ' we're gonna be parents!' It's gonna be more real when the baby arrives I'm sure. I know you can't possibly be 100% ready to have kids but with God's help we'll be as ready as we are supposed to be.
The baby is goood. He listens to us. It's funny to know that he hears me writing this blog post, singing, laughing, telling jokes, talking on the phone, praying, reading the Bible outloud, etc. He loves when Zeke talks to him. He loves to hear Zeke play, sing, whatever.
The Lord brought me through some trials last Spring and I'm totally thankful now. I learned not to stress because it's not good and because it raises my blood pressure. Little did I know that was a lesson to be learned in order to have a healthy pregnancy. Glory be to God.
It's baby shower season. I mentioned that there are several ladies at the church who are having babies. So far, I'm going to my own (LOL!), that means I know some people who are pregnant but I don't KNOW them well enough to get an invite. I'm totally fine with it. On top of being fine with not being a party animal this Spring (LOL), our schedule gets a little crazy this month but we should get back to normal next month or so.
In other news, Zeke and I found an African-American beauty supply store yesterday. You'd think we won the lottery. We said, 'so, we were supposed to be coming here for the past 3 years hum?' From incense for your bathroom to all types of black hair products that works for us. How awesome. We went out for a quick dinner before going to church and after church... we folded clothes! The things we get excited about when we're married - and trying to keep a pretty neat house.
My eating is much better this week. I got some fruit at work (I love when we get free fruit!) and I ate those things up for dessert today. Keep praying for me, don't have that long to go til I see my son. Lots of love :)