Counting Down the Days... 23

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Zeke and I have been counting down the days to see our baby since we found out we were pregnant. I keep hearing that it's harder at the end but so far, I can't relate. That's another example of how different pregnancies - and people - are. I get a lot of questions such as 'are you afraid?' from people. I told my husband I ain't gon' tell nobody I'm afraid. Why? #1 - God has not given me the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. #2 - life and death are in the power of the tongue. #3 - I feel a huge push to renew my mind when it comes to my approaching 'labor day.' My maternal grandmother gave me the best advice I heard in 9 months, which included the words 'you just can't be afraid.' I'm human and I want to have an awesome experience, therefore fear cannot be part of it. 
I took these photos yesterday - you can tell how much my son is growing! Two of my girl friends already had their baby girls. I mentioned that there were several ladies at the church who are pregnant due around the time I'm due. I've seen most of them recently, it seems like everyone is still pregnant. Next month there will be several new babies at the church, mine included. Oh, I went to the pharmacy the other week and the cashier was due May 7, a day before my due date. It's gonna be her third child. It's always interesting to see how different women carry their babies. One of the things I got during my experience is that women are different and there's no reason to put everyone inside of a box. 
I forced myself to go to the gym yesterday and I did. It takes a lot of effort (as always) but it's so worth it. I want to go back today and make it at least once again this week. At this point I'm not trying to control weight, I just want to stay active, make sure my circulation is, well, circulating :) and the mental benefits really please me as well. There's also something about being around healthy people. A lot of people who go to this particular gym compete in different races, they are always training and many are moms or just regular people who enjoy being healthy. 
Last weekend I heard a mom of two saying that she started taking her children to different fun runs when they were around 4 and til this day (they're in their 40s) they still run. I thought that was an awesome idea. I told my husband I want to be sure our baby is exposed to different sports so at least he can make a good decision later.
I haven't touched my nursery in two days. I'm supposed to work on it tomorrow. I hope to be done with it tomorrow as well. I'm not missing that much, we can actually survive with everything we have now - we were blessed with a lot, thank God. I was not stressing about having everything ready by month 4 and I'm not stressing now. We're getting closer and so is the nursery. 
On a fun note, a friend of mine and I are making chocolate covered strawberries tomorrow. My husband and I are going to a party and he asked that I make that. It's good cause it's fruit, it's chocolate, hey, everyone should be happy :) I might make a Brazilian dessert as well but we're making the strawberries for sure.
I thank God that my life today is so much better than I could've imagined. Because of fear (that ugly feeling again) I thought I'd be miserable this late in pregnancy but God has blessed me not only physically but He's reminding me to renew my mind when it comes to pregnancy and life. As always, I count on your prayers! Have you renewed YOUR mind when it comes to a frightful situation you are facing? God wants you free from dread and full of peace. Believe God!