I can Believe

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I can believe it’s Thursday already. This has been a BUSY week! It’s been a blessing to be able to balance marriage, work, home life and of course, spiritual life. Without the later all the other areas would suffer. The Lord has been my source, shelter, shield, source of inspiration, you name it!
On the Pregnancy front: Tomorrow I will celebrate 35 weeks. It took me this long to feel my baby’s weight. He’s growing! I’m not eating more or less than before, he’s just getting ready to be born and I’m welcoming these changes. He moves way more. During week 17 we used to pray that he’d move so we could feel it. Now you don’t have to ask or wish, my son will move! I love it. Two close friends (one here in the US and one in Switzerland) had girls this week. It’s baby season people! I’m praying that my son will come in the fullness of time (literally).

We had some downs this week. Tuesday was such a difficult day for me. Thank God for His word! I don’t want to go into details but besides being such a difficult day emotionally it rained on me (booo!). It could have gotten very pitiful but I started to sing and felt much better walking in that rain. I was on my way to a friend’s house when it started raining. She made homemade pizza (delicious!!!) and we watched Madea Goes to Jail (the play). I needed the company of good friends and a great laugh. The next day was so much better! Another thing that helped me Tuesday was confessing the Word of God over my life. All I could do was to encourage myself in the Lord and He really met me. Glory.

We’ve had other trials this week but thank God we’ve been getting filled with hope because of His promises and who He is. I can’t stop reading my Bible and repeating what it says out loud. I finished reading Commanding your Morning by Cindy Trimm. I really enjoyed the book and it really helped me during this season. I’m gonna start reading “Hung by the Tongue” by Francis P. Martin. It also is a book about the tongue and the power of life and death that is in it. I have an exciting day tomorrow, I’m looking forward to it. I’ll tell yall about it once is over. Keep praying for me.
Update: We had a great doctor's visit today. God is blessing us and we are moving forward in faith :) Thanks for the prayers of faith!