Possibilities, Marriage, Blast from Past

Monday, April 20, 2009

Can we have our baby any time now? Yes we can! I'm not dilating or anything, my son is full-term and we have been blessed to be done with major things at work, so Yes we can :) I'm not anxious, not tired, just living life and getting ready for our son to arrive. 
Last weekend we worked at a youth retreat for the last time, we also had to take a 2 hour trip in the middle of it and back but everything went well. We also had to spend a few hours in the hospital so they could monitor the baby but thank God they sent us home. That was the moment we rushed to pack my hospital bag and installed the car seat :) It seems that once we hit week 37 my ankles got a little swollen. Nothing to be scared of, just pregnancy :) I noticed that if I continue to drink lots of water, put my feet up and run away from from salt, I should be alright. Most people around me are more ready for me to have this child than I am myself - ain't that funny? I freak people out when I say I'm not tired of carrying him, I'm not tired of him, I'm not tired period. I'll be ready for him to come when my water breaks or when I have contractions every 5 minutes, what about that? To be anxious before then it's a waist of time and emotions. That's just my experience. 
I've been sleeping very well, thank God. I noticed that when I'm tired the whole experience is worse, so I'm resting up as well as I can. My work load is much easier now, so I'm enjoying putting my feet up way more. Oh, today my goal is to finish reading this book, Sex Begins in the Kitchen by Dr. Kevin Leman. I have a few chapters til it's over but so far it wasn't what I expected. It's a good summary of everything I read so far (His Needs Her Needs, Love is a Decision, The Five Love Languages. I think that's it.) when it comes to marriage and relationships. Oh, I read The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands a while ago. I try to read a relationship book every month of February. One book I loved and still have (I usually pass them to friends who are engaged) is Making Marriage Work by Joyce Meyer. I believe in reading these because they encourage me to be a better wife, to get to know my husband better and invest in a relationship that's for a lifetime. I love my husband and I just want to improve as a wife, no matter what season we go through. I've been reading all sorts of other books too. We actually updated our library quite a bit lately so I have tons of good things waiting for me.  
Talking about marriage, we watched our wedding video last night (I watched it twice). It was so sweet to remember everything that happened! Now that we are having children it's also good to show them our wedding, the people who were there, relatives that have passed away, etc. Of course I told Zeke we'll have to do it again so I can wear my dress a second time. Maybe when we complete 10 years ;) 
Here's a blast from the past photo edition: this was the first time I got braids 10 years ago in college. 
That was my favorite jeans at the time, my skinny jeans I'd say. I got rid of them in grad school, I just wasn't fitting anymore... My love for dark red nails was already established as you can see :) 
Oh, talking about nails, I've been so eager to get a pedicure I even dreamed about it last night! Zeke told me he'd take me this week, so that's gonna be a great, great treat for me! Giving birth with fabulous nails should be awesome. 
Another exciting update: We got a jogger stroller!!! Now I'm really ready for the birth of my son. The brand we got matches the car seat we were given, so there you have it! 
Just keep praying for us as we advance in weeks and stay positive while expecting GREAT things from the Lord!