Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things are going back to normal:
*I can hold large amounts of pee again;
*My hunger went back to normal - all of a sudden, one cup of cereal is too much, half a cup is highly satisfying;
*My weight is going down - so is the swelling all over;
*My energy is coming back;
*My ability to move quicker is coming back;
Many things have changed since our son came into our lives: 
*I'm way more in touch with my feelings;
*I'm more in touch with the feelings of others;
*I have to do things quicker and more efficiently;
*I listen closely to advice from other moms;
*I treasure time with my husband even more;
* I appreciate ANY sleep I get. 
Patience is a good friend now. I was freaking out when I looked at my ankles a few days after we came back home but as with all the other side effects of a c-section, it went away. 
I appreciate experts but I appreciate good listeners much more. It gives you hope to have a listening ear instead of people who have done it all and have little consideration for where you are in life.
I cut my hair. A lot of hair. I suffered through this decision for months before I had my baby. Once I had him, many things in life became automatically simpler. Now my attitude was: it's just hair, it will grow back. I cut my micro braids and a large amount of hair went with it, that was the beginning of the story. The end is, I needed a new cut and I haven't had short hair in a while. My husband loves it, that was my main concern, to be sure I got something he liked. I plan on keeping a short do for a while.
Gotta go, I have a baby to take care of. How marvelous!