Little sleep and Poop Tracking

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I now understand all that people told me about parenthood: the joy that comes with little sleep and poop tracking. We're enjoying where we are and we are also dreaming of the day we get a solid night of sleep. My baby is too young now, we're on the feeding schedule and I enjoyed getting a tracking form from Huggies. I found a cute one here: 
My husband and I agree that with little sleep your memory is not that good. Until we get an established schedule, we have to track it. It's good to do it for the sake of the other person as well.
I still haven't ventured out to walk. Right now it feels that the earlier the better but with a newborn at home sometimes I don't have that luxury. I'll get out there when I can so I can start slow for sure. Thank God I found 3 different walking and running buddies once I get my speed going again. 
Our church family, friends and neighbors have showered us with blessings. We received meals and lots of care, which has been such a blessing. Now we start cooking our own meals so we're gonna add that to our list of things to do. Now that I can move better, going to the store shouldn't be a big deal. It was a challenge there for a while (when I was 9 months preggo I didn't feel like walking that much so I went from the produce isle to the cash register and let my husband do the rest of the walking for us) but now it's gonna get back to normal. 
About a boy: I just love my son. I can't quite put it into words any other way. I love taking care of him and learning more about him. I'm enjoying every minute of it knowing that when he's 25 my love for him will still be there but the mothering will be different because he won't be as dependent on my husband and I. Two weeks have gone by. The first night at the hospital was not that bad. The second one was more of a challenge. We were exhausted from labor and delivery and the baby would not go to sleep. We tried every trick we had and finally, around 3:30 a.m. he settled down. Very typical of a newborn, hum? I love it. My husband says that our son is God's child, we just get to take care of him for God. I like that! With God's help we will make it through these first weeks and months of learning. 
I got a certificate to shutterfly, so I made a few birth announcements for my baby. I can't wait to get them!!! I love birth announcements :)
Mother's Day was awesome. It was nice to be a mom with a brand new baby that day. He had no clue it was mother's day but my husband did. Zeke gave me a whole weekend of bliss actually. He made breakfast and I got to drink English tea after 9 months with no caffeine! Pancakes were awesome, his special recipe is delicious every time. He also read Proverbs 31 to me. I had tears in my eyes. That was the best gift ever. I also got some time off during the weekend from baby duty to get my hair and nails done. My husband is awesome. Now LP and I have to think of something super special for his father's day experience. 
Continue to pray for us. We are looking forward to a great week/end. I still haven't been back to church with the baby and honestly, I'm not sure when I'll be back. I'll be there when I get the baby's schedule down packed I guess.