Simply Cintia's Baby Story

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I was throughly enjoying my second day off work. I ate lunch and sat by the window to read my Newsweek. The sky was Carolina blue outside, there was a nice breeze blowing. Five minutes after I sat there, I felt a gush of water coming out of me. Could that be it? I called my husband who answered the phone asking me: "did your water break?" I said "I think so but let me check just to be sure." I took a shower, filled with awe. When I was drying myself, water kept coming out. I kept wondering if contractions would come next. We made it to the hospital and a nurse who goes to my church greeted us and took care of us. We talked to my doctor and decided to let things progress as naturally as possible, I was 2 cm dilated. 
I became even more familiar with the birthing room - funny enough, the same room where we practiced during my birthing classes. I cracked jokes, laughed out loud, visited a lady from my church who gave birth 12 hours ago... No contractions by that point. 
After 9 hours, the doctor came back and decided to start me on pitocin. Ten minutes after the fluid kicked in the IV, I was practicing those breathing exercises learned in the class. My husband was a very present help, an encourager. I had my American mom there, a calm presence in the midst of everything that was going on. They were both a praying presence as well. I was 2 cm when I started on pitocin. As the night progressed, so the did the dilation - and the pain. I was on pitocin for 8 hours and still had not asked for an epidural, I was determined to make it as natural as possible. Natural seemed ridiculous if you saw the IVs going through me. I had tested positive for strep B so I needed penicillin, there was pitocin and some other liquid going through my veins. One scary moment during the night was when 3 nurses came in and they all checked me back to back for dilation. They put an oxygen mask on me and that's when my husband required to know what was happening. The baby's heart rate dropped, that's why the rush. They soon took me off oxygen and called the doctor. I was tired. The contractions were fierce. The last number I heard as far as dilation was 9, we were glad the end was near. The doctor checked me and said I was 8 cm dilated and the baby's head had not come down - they kept having t0 reach high for it and they even used ultrasound at first. The fierce contractions never stopped while all this was going on. The doctor told me because the labor wasn't advancing more a c-section would be the safest way to go. We agreed and I finally asked for an epidural :) I was taken to the operating room (OR) and my husband went with the nurse to get ready - no relief from contractions for me. One of the breathing exercises suggested that you hold a comb while breathing and I was sticking with that one during my latest contractions. I was in the OR holding a pink fine tooth comb with a strong grip. I was nervous when they took me to the prep room where the doctor who was going to give me the spinal block came to talk to me. I kept remembering that my grandmother told me not to be nervous. Zeke was no longer with me, that was the first time I felt alone until my smiling midwife shows up with the biggest smile; she told me she was going to assist with the surgery. During the spinal block she told me to hold her - what comfort that brought! It also took the pain of the contractions away quickly. I felt nothing from the chest down. My husband came over and spoke to me, he was by my side the whole time. I never felt anything but I heard the sweetest cry within a few minutes. It was my son! My husband went to be with him and I kept asking to see him. I thought he was so beautiful! Soon Zeke and the baby had to go for further check up and after the doctors were finished, I went to the recuperation room. I was down there for a while. My major concern was to get to feeling my hands and arms again so I could hold my baby. The whole staff that worked with us was nice. A gentleman from our church who works in the OR came by to say hello, that was awesome to see someone else we knew. 
When they took me up to the room I felt a little sick and still had not had my hands back 100% but they the feeling came back after a few minutes. Zeke was all joy, all smiles holding our baby boy. I can't describe to you how good it felt to see the two of them together. When I was finally able to hold my baby, I just felt an explosion of joy and thankfulness to God for all He had done for us. What a gift! His name is LP and yes, he is a joy! 
We stayed in the hospital recuperating for the next 3 days. Motherhood came with lots of new things so we're still learning as we go. It's just a joy to take care of him, it's so easy to love him. Mother's day will have a special and new meaning to me because now I'm a mother myself. The baby did come, we're healthy and now a new chapter in my life has started. Keep praying for us. As always, thanks for reading!
RODRIGUES' said...

Aww... I loved reading your birth story. Praise God for a wonderful birth and a beautiful baby!

Scott and Kristie said...

What a beautiful story! God is amazing!