Weight Loss Plan: Gradual

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I was looking at my e-mail and I got a great article from WebMD's Weight Loss Wisdom Newsletter called 8 tips for losing weight after pregnancy. You can read the whole thing here
My Highlights:
* Be patient with yourself and don't compare yourself to celebrities - I've blogged several times about that. Celebrities do things that normal people can't afford because their bodies are their money maker and they have tons of help from trainers, plastic surgery, chefs, you name it. Some say that patience is a virtue, I say that patience is developed (patience is part of the fruit of the Spirit). We all have it, some like me need to develop it more than others. 
* Go back to eating healthy and eating for hunger - I was thinking about this today! I've been so tired that I confuse that feeling with hunger and they are not the same. My feeling of hunger changed with pregnancy but now it's back to normal. I just need to be aware of it during these first weeks of adjustment before I can really tackle my old habits of tracking food and exercise.
* Exercise, drink water, get some rest - There's not that many new concepts in weight loss regardless if you just had a baby or not. The results will come the same way: eat less calories which have great nutrition and move your body. Drinking water is very important as well. I've been doing that and I'm thankful to God the good habit has been established for a while. 

Weight loss after baby number one has been gradual and will continue to be. I lost weight gradually before and it really worked for me. I learned a lot the first time around and I'm looking forward to learning more now. I have a friend who keeps saying 'give up (on weight management)? Never!' and I totally agree. 
Patience has been my number one friend right now in various areas of life, weight management included. During this season I can see what concepts have stayed with me and where do I need to improve. Do I need to work on portion control? Do I have the exercise thing going and working for me in my new season of life? Am I able to enjoy where I am on the way to where I am going? What's the use of being unhappy and miserable because my pre-pregnancy body is not back? It won't be back exactly as it was. I had a c-section, my belly stretched like never before... I kind of have a new body and it's okay, I have a healthy and blessed child who came into the world through it.
I plan on competing on a 5K in a few months and I'm looking forward to starting to train again. This is the season for races and there are plenty to choose from. I believe that competing will also help me with my goal and it will give me a great sense of accomplishment. And to think that LP was in my belly during my first 5K... Wow.
I have on my thinking cap today and I want to rely on patience while I get to my pre-pregnancy weight and keep going down - yep, sister girl is ambitious about her health. 
I start walking again next week. I feel like it's time. I won't run for a while but I look forward to start walking again. 
Totally unrelated note: I'm digging Luther Vandross songs today. I like them every day but today is Luther day at the house :) here are a few of my favs: 

Have an awesome weekend everyone!