Wednesday, June 3, 2009

For the past two years i've been attending our church's picnic and blogging about it.
This year my concern is not food, although I read my own advice in order to be ready. For example, it doesn't hurt to remember to take something I can eat and browse the table before I make my final selections. 
Funny how last year I said I should kiss some babies or something, because this year I get to take my own. My focus this year is in his well-being. 
Interesting how priorities change. If I had not spent time learning about weight management when I did, it'd be difficult to fit that in my schedule now that I have my son with me. It’s time to practice what I learned. 
The whole thing forces me not to be a slave of a structure so much (such as writing everything I eat for the rest of my life) but to include making healthy choices in the life I'm living.
What do I mean with all that? Here’s a practical example: 
I did food inventory yesterday. I wrote down everything I have in the kitchen so I can better plan menus for my family. I divided foods in the categories of the food pyramid: grains, protein, fruits, vegetables, oils, dairy. This way, when I’m planning a menu or even what snacks and lunches to eat, I make sure all or most of these food groups are included. I think this will really work for me. 
I’ve been getting back to walking for a little while and it feels great. My ideal time for exercising is in the a.m. but for a couple of months I just have to fit it wherever I can, it just needs to get done often, so that’s exactly what we are doing. Even if I can just stroll for 20 minutes is great to clear my head and give me a new perspective in many things. I am exercising for more than weight loss. I realized that last year but it is still working for me that way. Awesome. 
I plan on having a great time in the picnic instead of eating like it’s my last meal. Thank God for lessons learned.