Pizza for Dinner

Friday, June 19, 2009

My husband kept the baby so I could work on this pizza for dinner. I bought that vegetarian fake meat and used it as the top. I used Sarah Lee dough and Martha White dough as well. My husband likes it! 
The week was good. I was down because of my weight this week - I know... still not finished healing, it takes 9 months to take it off, etc, etc... The bright side is that exercise has been awesome. That always makes me feel good. I had to cancel my plans to run a 5K next month because of schedule conflict with my husband. I'll probably go for August. We'll see. 
Father's day is Sunday! I'm just now getting card out to my father-in-law... Baby keeps me so busy... I'm sure he'll understand. 
Today was grocery shopping day and I was thrilled to find AWESOME savings locally! A huge bag of Bob Red Mills flax seed for $1! It usually costs $12. AMAZING!
Next week we'll tell you about father's day around here. We got BIG plans for first time dad Zeke. He knows about part of the plan (he chose when/what/where we're eating that day) but he doesn't know the whole surprise. I'm excited!
Now that we are staying more at home we are visiting with neighbors way more than before. I used to sleep and take showers in my house, I feel like I actually live here. I get to see gardens growing and bearing fruit, people working in their homes (the noise doesn't bother the baby at all!), the mail lady come and go... We live in a great neighborhood and we have awesome neighbors. I can't thank God enough for placing us where we are! 
The other good thing about living here is that you get a mad workout if you choose to walk our block. 3 words: calve burning hills! It's amazing. Wait until we start running again! 
I have been looking at beautiful roses all week. I got a whole bunch from a rose walk in our community (the gardner gives them away when they're trimming) and it has made me so happy during not so thrilling times I've had. I heard a woman should always have fresh flowers and now I see why. I want to keep this habit going.
We planted a vegetable garden. It happened a little later in the season but we got it done. I can't wait to see what we get out of it and if it was worth the effort. I'm a city girl so the whole garden thing is new (very new) to me.
That's all the randomness I've got. Have an awesome weekend!!!