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Friday, August 28, 2009

Here’s a before & after photo of my dinning room table. This was my biggest project for this week and I thank God we are all done! It took me 3 years but we finally got rid of clutter. The secret to keeping things neat is the upkeep of all the paper that comes in the house daily.

Here’s a photo of me right before I went for a run/walk earlier this week. This week was a challenging one but we managed to get out there and do it. Today is raining and every good runner knows this is NO excuse. It’s actually good to train in the rain so that if it does run on race day, I’ll be ready and used to it. A sad thing that happened… we went to Target yesterday and I decided to buy a running shirt that would be breathable and would not weigh in with the sweat. I got the largest size (XL) available and did not try it before going how. The thing is so tight… I’m gonna return it and get my dinero back. I was so used to wearing everything on a Small or Medium that having tops that go beyond Extra L take a little getting used to. That’s when my thought process of being ‘in between pregnancies’ need to kick in. I’m focusing on health, not being an unhealthy size 0.
Here's a recent photo of the two of us. My son will be 4 months Saturday. Honestly, the first 3 months were a blur. If we didn’t take photos I honestly would not remember how little he was and the things he used to do. He’s oh so enjoyable this son of mine. He squirms with joy when I sing his morning song (or afternoon or evening). He’s enjoying bath time way more, the latest on that, he tries to grab this bath water and bite it. Time is flying by little one. Love is here to stay. An awesome weekend to everyone out there! Oh, let me know if you enjoyed the video blog!