Hitting the Asphalt

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Running again has been a joy. In an age of supermodels who wear bikinis two whole weeks after giving birth, regular folk like me tend to take my time, enjoy my son’s milestones, learn how to be a wife & mother and take care of myself at the same time.
I am nowhere near the shape I was when I ran my first 5K at 10 weeks of pregnancy. I’m not there yet but I will get there.
The other difference is that back then I was working out in the gym mostly, now I am hitting the asphalt 100% of the time. We cancelled our gym membership in the Spring because we needed to save money and I couldn’t imagine paying for 4 months when I clearly haven’t had a chance to work out with consistency. It took 15 weeks but we are back training for a 5K! Yesterday I ran 1.3 miles in 22 minutes (that’s the length of our park) and you can imagine my exhilaration. I got so pumped I went for a long walk (lots of hills) with my baby boy who seemed to enjoy the view. Now I’m working on not overtraining, which often leads to injuries. I’m enjoying the process with exactly 30 days to go (there's a counter at the bottom of the blog). Pray for me and encourage me ok?
I’ve been into steel cut oatmeal. I heard it’s good for you, actually better than regular oatmeal. More on the health benefits here
I did notice that I wasn’t as hungry when lunch time came around when I ate steel cut. Any whole grain is awesome for you, I wouldn’t say steel cut Os are miraculous, they’re just part of a slew of things we all can do to acquire better health.

Staying at home with the Little Prince is a joy and a privilege. I am so excited we saved $10 on our light bill, $1 on our water bill, around $25 in produce (which was exactly what we paid for seeds) as well as a good amount saved because we have been eating more at home than going out to restaurants. When my king and I go out for dinner, I can usually count on a $40 bill. That’s $76 saved this month so far! God is good! I subscribe to blogs about using coupons and I have kept coupons for baby products but I haven’t completely understood the system of coupon shopping in regular stores. We go to discount stores sometimes and we get our discounts that way. In this economy, anything you can do to save is worth doing! I think that most things in our dinner table last night were bought with discount. I should do an exercise where I cook for a day with all discount things. We’ll see if I can manage to do that with a husband, an infant, a garden, a home office, laundry, etc (lol).

The Little Prince is growing up beautifully. We have had successful photo shoots now that mamae bought a new camera for her work. He’s a good sport during photo sessions, thank God. I make sure he’s fed, changed, clean and has played with me for a while before we start the clicking, changing outfits, changing backgrounds, etc. I’m totally training him to pose, it’s been fun actually.
He’s already rolling over (very, very impressive to me!), I’m waiting to see some teeth soon or later. I think during the next doctor’s visit we will talk about introducing cereal to his diet. He seems hungrier but satisfied with his formula. LP is still sleeping very well. He wakes up sometimes but we are still working on staying on his schedule.
Gotta go yall. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day! God loves you.