Something New for You

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sometimes new mommies do not lose 40 + lbs in 3 months. I certainly haven't. After the birth of my Little Prince, I knew that there was something I could do for myself that would give me satisfaction other than to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Losing weight takes time for most people, so that was out of the table when it came to bringing me satisfaction. I couldn't run right after the birth, especially because I had an emergency c-section. I decided to get a much needed new hair cut. my hair is much shorter than before but I'm completely satisfied with it. Getting nails done also give me satisfaction, something you can feel great about in the midst of so much change. I wonder if you have thought about something you can do for yourself to make you feel great while you go through your current season of life. Even if all you can do is buy a new nail polish color, I think everyone should do something new. If spending money is a problem, what about taking a new route other than your usual exercising path? What about listening to a new radio station? There's always something small you can do for yourself that brings about great benefit.

Yesterday I started running again. I'm back to basics but with much determination. Instead of wishing I had a gym membership, I decided that the asphalt is it. I felt awesome at the end of the workout. My goal is to run 3 miles which is equivalent to a 5K. No matter what happened in my past, we are moving forward with God's help.

Yesterday the Little Prince slept for a whole 12 hours! I kept going to his room because I could not believe it. God is so good! I have time to get a lot done before he wakes up. Like pray, read and get some housework done. I'm working on making a list of projects on top of that.

Have an awesome day and do something for yourself that will bring satisfaction on the way to where you are going!