Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Changing Table Matters
Vacation was awesome. The Little Prince did okay in the car seat, slept well and only complained when there was something wrong. We took several breaks from the trip but we all really needed them. It was nice to stop and see family along the way til we got to Mississippi.
One thing I noticed were businesses that did and did not have changing tables in their establishments. I don't want to bash anyone here and I won't. It sure is nice to use changing tables in public bathrooms tough. I usually put a receiving blanket under my baby just to keep it a little cleaner for him. When we went to places that did not have changing tables, we just changed him inside of our car. For most of our family it was their first time seeing my baby. They couldn't get enough of him, it was really sweet.

Household Matters
The worse thing about coming back from vacation is unpacking. Worse than that, not having time to unpack. Now that I'm staying at home with the Little Prince, unpacking is just part of life. We were pretty organized and got a lot of clothes washed while at my in-laws but I decided to wash everything again with the proper baby wash liquid.

My husband fixed the vacuum cleaner (thanks Zeke!). I suspected that the thing was spreading dust around because the dirt wasn't going to the front cleaner part of our vacuum cleaner. This is one of the things I don't even want to learn how to do. The other thing I said I didn't want to learn was how to cut the grass. I googled it, went outside and learned (not well enough to be envied but just so our yard doesn't look at the Amazon forest when my husband has a super busy week). It seems that after we got rid of major paperwork, it's easier to keep the house clean.

Solid Food Matters
My baby was introduced to his first food: oatmeal. If you have been a long time reader you know I love and believe in oatmeal. I bought rice cereal but because of my biased attitude we introduced oatmeal first. He didn't know what to think of it at first, he pushed it away, touched it and sucked his fingers (which convinced me that he thought oatmeal grew out of his thumb)... it was a nice try, now it's up to me to keep it in his diet til he gets used to it. It wasn't a long time ago we were feeding him with formula and breast milk. Time does go by fast. Here's a photo for you.