Saving Dinheiro

Thursday, September 17, 2009

This week has been a busy one! Most of my effort goes to make sure that what I do count for moving us forward. So far we’ve been following the menu I worked on Monday. So far my husband has really enjoyed everything! It’s a joy to eat great food at home while saving lots of dinheiro (money). Talking about saving, we saved almost $4.50 in our energy bill. I always get excited about saving anywhere we can. I’ve been more conscious about how much energy we spend and pretty much trained myself to turn off everything once we go out of a room.

The 5K is in two days. So far I trained twice, I plan on training two more days before the big day. I signed up for this 5K race 4 weeks ago with a friend. My friend can run a 10K Saturday, that’s how good she is. I’m gonna show up and do my best, I’m happy about it. I’m very excited that my husband and son will be there with me to support me. This won’t be the last 5K I run. I just don’t have a plan for the next one quite yet. The training will definitely continue.

I’m thinking more and more about restarting a more structured way of eating. I haven’t counted calories since the very beginning of my pregnancy. The food pyramid approach worked wonders, it was so easy and I have all it takes (measuring cups, food scale, etc). What I’m lacking is just the decision to start and keep going. I have talked to my nutritionist and she told me I could call her whenever I needed advice. I’m excited about that. I’ve thought about joining Weight Watchers several times because of the team approach, accountability, etc. What I don’t want is to spend extra money and to learn a whole new process. I have a friend who successfully lost weight on WW by herself and has kept it off for years. She blogs about it here. Now that things are more stable at home with baby boy, and I have been exercising at least 3 times a week, I think I’m ready to start working on being more nutritionally sound.

Another great thing I have going for me is that we have made the decision as a family to eat at home instead of going out as much as we were. All it takes is a little planning in the beginning of the week. We don’t do a lot of elaborated cooking but everything we cook does taste really good. My prayer is that once I make that decision to start on the food pyramid, that I don’t turn back – even in the case of another pregnancy. There’s a food pyramid for expecting mothers and nursing mothers as well. I believe that if I keep eating well, I shouldn’t get out of it for as long as I have. As always I’ll keep everyone informed.

I’ve been doing more photography work lately. Today I took photos of my favorite person in the whole world: my husband Zeke. I’m still editing and working on them so I’ll post them on my photography blog later. Ta ta for now! Come back and read about how things went during the 5k. Til then, say and prayer for me. God bless you!