6 months 6 meses

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Little Prince is 6 months today! By this time, 6 months ago, I was probably holding him and getting to know him, the first moments of what has been pure happiness.
At 6 months he can:
*Roll over;
*Eat pureed veggies and cereal;
*Babble a whole lot;
*Push himself around to get to a toy;
*Do a 360 degree turn on his stomach to look at different things
*Smile at a photo camera
*Sit up for a few seconds
* and I’m probably forgetting more things.
Since we came back from our trip I’ve been trying to work on his schedule, just to find out that with the clocks turning soon we’ll have to push things back one hour. My child is so flexible at this point that it won’t be a huge deal.
Motherhood is ever so challenging but so rewarding. When you think you have a human being figure it out, things change and I adapt. That's what my days look like.
Other than that, there are many other things going on that I’m wise enough not to write about here in the blog. The important thing is to try to live a balanced life and keep my priorities straight.
Last week I did not exercised at all with the burst of great weather, the Little Prince and I have been out several times.
Let the good times roll!