Walking the Stuff Off

Thursday, October 1, 2009

This week has been a busy one for my family but also a blessed one. I thank God for all He's doing. This week I've walked 3 times so far. I decided to go back to weigh management Tuesday and so far things are going okay. I haven't been perfect for the past 3 days but let's say this week is the first out of 1 year and 2 months that I went back to eating the correct portions and I'm getting all the nutrition I need. My goal as far as exercise is to burn 2,000 calories. Here's a little report:

Calories burned so far: 1,252.4 cal (747.6 to burn)

We're getting close. Two more workouts and I will have met my goal.
The beginning of change is always challenging. I'm tempted to jump in the scale all the time to see if it's actually working. I'm reminded that we walk by faith and not by sight. I'm also reminded that faith without works is dead. I'm doing the works and now I want to have faith that things will work out at the end. It took me a good year to lose a significant amount of weight last time. I'm sure this time change won't come overnight, so while I wait I encourage myself in the Lord. I believe the same God who gave me strength to lose weight once can do it again.
This week is challenging because of the cooler weather outside tempts me to stay in but once I get out of the door I feel awesome. We have a wedding on Saturday but as I've experienced before, it's possible not to pig out during someone else's happy occasion.
Despite all the challenges and difficulties, the hope I have in God and His joy in me are so great. Glory be to God.
I watched the first two episodes of The Biggest Loser on Hulu. I love the trainers. I still don't believe the show's philosophy works for me because they are working on burning 8,000 calories per week and you have seen my goal. They are also eating 200 less calories. They also have more time to dedicate to exercise, education, etc... I believe the show is inspirational but it doesn't translate to change in me, it actually translates more into entertainment. As everyone else who's a fan, I wonder who will be the Biggest Loser.
Hope you had an awesome week. Keep me in your prayers as I balance the many things I've been entrusted in life. I am enjoying the journey.