Acts of Kindness

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

When my son was first born I used to look at 6 month-old babies and just marveled. They were o so big compared to my little baby! Now my Little Prince is a thriving 6-month-old himself. He’s a constant source of joy, thank you Jesus!
This week we reach the 6-month appointment step. It seemed so far away when I first marked in my calendar but here we are! We had all our vaccines already, so I’m left with an exam from his doctor, stats and questions from us. Our pediatrician was there for the delivery of the Little Prince. It feels good to see someone who has been there from the beginning.
I’m supposed to get a list of questions together so we won’t forget anything during our visit.
I get back to work this weekend. I am an event organizer, so we have something this weekend. Sometimes my husband works with me, not this weekend, which is good so he can have some father/son time.
Going back to work and not being pregnant will be weird I guess because during the whole season I was so pregnant. I had a lot of help, which is always a blessing. I was 37 weeks during my last event. People kept telling me I was ready to have the baby and I kept telling them no. He did come 2 weeks after that.
I was thankful to make it through the season and I look forward to another one.
I’m gonna be an aunt for the 3rd time. I have a niece (her name will be Helena) being born in Brasil this week. I saw photos of her room yesterday, it’s GORGEOUS! My sister-in-law did an awesome job! I had so much fun shopping for her. I buy boy clothes all the time for my son, so shopping for little girls is an absolute thrill. The fun of having a family of your own is that you don’t know how many and the sex of your babies until you have them. It will be interesting to see how many more God will give us.
I have another friend from church having her baby this week/end. She usually waits to find out the sex at birth. She’s awesome! I helped with her baby shower almost two years ago, it was so sweet and full of love. I’m looking forward to seeing this new baby as well.
Well, gotta get the day started! Have an awesome day, let’s all try to do something good to another person. Spread acts of kindness.