The Diva List

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I got this idea from Mel who got it from someone else. I think this would be fun, so let's give it a try! 

Simply Cintia's Diva List

  • Manicure and Pedicure every week. The person would come to my house every Saturday.
  • A maid! They'd keep things organized on the home front as well as do the occasional cooking and laundry twice a week.
  • Jillian Michaels as my personal trainer less the cussing. She can scream all she wants and I will comply to all workouts, no matter how hard. 
  • Lifetime supply of Ferrero Rocher and fresh strawberries on my desk. 
  • A personal assistant to help me from mundane things such as booking the best flight to ever so important events such as my husband's birthday parties.
  • A stylist who will help me change my closet every season (I mean seasons of the year and seasons of life).
  • All the major newspapers and news magazines delivered to my personal library so I can drink my tea and catch up with what's going on. 
  • A hair stylist who actually knows how to take care of my hair and recognize which styles look best for me.
  • A private jet for flying in the States.
  • Airline tickets for friends and family to meet on a regular basis abroad.
So, what would your list include?
Leticia W said...

adorei a lista!! vou fazer tb :)