I'm Changed

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My husband took us for a date Friday, so we took this photo before going out. We went to an Indian Restaurant! The three of us had a good time. The Little Prince did well, he had a bottle while we dined, it was a nice outing for our family. We went home and watched British sitcoms while he went to sleep.
Saturday we had a Women's meeting at the church and it was simply what I needed. I felt refreshed, enriched and so loved by God and everyone there! I feel like a brand new person! I'm looking forward to the next one!
There are lots of new babies on the way! When you're part of a large church there's always someone either having a baby or just finding out they're pregnant. We know a couple of people pregnant and a friend is having her baby within a week or so. I get so excited, my first response is to start wrapping gifts. It's funny but it's true! I had fun this weekend wrapping gifts and delivering them as well. The outpouring of love we received during our pregnancy was no joke. We feel blessed and we're intentionally blessing others. God has been too good and we want to be able to bless our friends who are having babies now and next year.
I have written about bottle feeding here in the blog. I thought I was going to breastfeed full-time and all I was able to do was to hold on for a month, so I had to give away many, many boxes of breast pads I was given. I gave them to the lactation consultants in our local hospital because they know more breastfeeding moms than I did. I will give breastfeeding another try. If the milk volume increases I might attempt to do it full-time. If not I'll stick with the awesome experience I'm having with The Little Prince.
I start this new week full of hope in a God who sees me and who cares for me. Cast your burdens on the Lord and He will take care of you too. That's His promise! Have an awesome week everyone!