the power of WE

Friday, November 6, 2009

It took 6 months and we decided to return to healthy eating and exercise. Weight Watchers would not work for us for several reasons. Our family does well when we keep a regular exercise schedule. It seems that everything else falls into place once we're there, sweating on a regular basis. We just missed on a free weight loss support class but there's another one in town we haven't tried yet. My husband is the one who took the initiative to remind us that we need to do something about our health. Last year around this time we were at the top of our game running and feeling awesome. It's unfair to let all of that go. Thank God for my husband! Other than prayer, we're using the power of 'we' to get through this pile of extra pounds.
I'm not gonna do that often but just for fun, this is what I ate for breakfast:

I had some extra bananas so I baked a banana cake. The great thing about it was that you can put everything in your mixer and bam! I added golden flax seed meal to the cake. A friend of mine and her awesome little son came to visit, so he ate two pieces of it - I was thrilled!

This week we lowered the crib because the baby will be standing up before we know it. We washed curtains and rearranged the room a little bit. This weekend I go back to work. My husband is not working this time, which is good so he can get lots of uninterrupted time with the Little Prince. I'm getting his baby food ready to go so they can have fun and don't have to worry about processing sweet potatoes.
We're getting back to basics. I'll probably write about basic nutrition and exercise topics next week. Have an awesome weekend!