Reflection on a Rainy Day

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I thought today was going to completely suck but it didn't. It has been raining all day, it's been cold and today was the day of a Christmas party for families who had babies at our local hospital this year. I was trying to make a decision til it was time to leave. The Little Prince took a nice nap so he was ready to go. When we pulled over we saw a mom and a baby who was both in our Lamaze class and mommy class. We also saw other moms who were in our class, we saw our doctors, nurses... as you can tell we live in a small community. I love it tough. We took a photo with Santa. My baby tried to get Santa's beard out of him and that was funny. There were people 'helping' so the babies would smile but they were all spread out instead of being in one direction (wherever the camera was). I got tons of photos, so one of them looks pretty cool. It was also nice to compare notes with other moms. It's awesome to find out what other 7 month-olds are doing, eating, etc. Getting out of my little bubble is great sometimes. I tell you when it's not great: when I need rest. There was a time today that I needed to get rest but my mind was racing with a list of things to do. I thought 'I really need to call so and so. X's birthday is this weekend, I need to send a card.' I had to force myself to shut down for a while to replenish my energy so that I could do all these things in due time.  As you can see I'm still trying to find balance in life. 
7 months have gone by since my baby's birth. He now sits in his crib and waits for me to come get him after he wakes up. He gets a kick of sitting up and playing with his toys. We continue to grow closer, love and know one another more. Motherhood can be a lot of fun. 
I hope we get a break from the rain tomorrow. If we don't, at least I know that rainy days have a lot of potential. It's all up to what kind of attitude I put into it.