This was the Season

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We were off line for 3 days. The service people were on their way when my brilliant husband figured it out what the problem was. I love him!
I'm sitting here, hungry as a pregnant woman can be thinking about what a joyous Christmas season we had. I'm very glad is over tough. I was dealing and fatigue and morning sickness for days. Yesterday I had a burst of energy and started cleaning things. Not only that, we went out for an outing as a family and it was just awesome. We went to look at award winning gingerbread houses and after that we went to Chili's. My appetite has been small (this shall pass, I know that for a fact) so I ate very little of our 2 for $20 meal at Chili's. 
The Little Prince enjoyed his first Christmas. He didn't get it at all but we still kept our traditions going and that was really cool. He has been more interested in trying to stand in anything: furniture, his crib, etc. Christmas dinner wasn't my best gourmet meal at all but my husband was happy. We didn't open gifts on Christmas day, we pretty much opened them as we got them. Next year will probably be different. 
Since yesterday I've been feeling like a brand new person. I wanted to show you a photo of me so you'll see how I'm all round :) It will be interesting to see me at 9 months. I went back to the gym today (thank God!) and walked 3 miles. I intend to keep going often throughout this pregnancy unless were snowed in, of course. I completed my 9th week and I'm still counting the weeks til this first trimester is over. I didn't have any sickness with my first born but this new baby is totally different. How exciting is that? 
It's lunch time so I'm gonna go and finish the work I started last night at Chili's. LOL! Happy New Year!