Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm back! I spent a refreshing time away doing without social media and praying. I also connected way more with my family. You'll be surprised how much TV stops you from connecting with the very people sitting next to you and eating from the same popcorn bowl. Wow. I also gave it a lot of reflection on how much 'blah' information I put out there on social media. I tweet often but I try not to tweet about every bathroom visit, every diaper changed, every feeling of nausea... you get the point. The same thing with Facebook. You won't read about every little thing. I'm gonna try to be more relevant. I think is more fun to do social media this way.

My birthday and our anniversary were awesome! We went to Rosetta's Kitchen for dinner a few days later (both celebrations were on Sunday, the busiest day of our week) and I had the awesome 'Family Favorite.' I chose the small one. The Family Favorite is Peanut butter baked tofu, smashed potatoes and gravy and sautéed kale. Here is a video featuring the restaurant and you can actually see the dish I had: 

After dinner we attended a CD release for an awesome pianist. It was a great concert, it was just dreamy to be with my husband for that date. It was like dating again - and it was! 

The Little Prince (LP) is doing great! He turns 9 months this week and I can't wait to find out how much he weighs as well as the other stats. He stands, 'walks' around furniture but really enjoys crawling really fast to the window and trying to look outside. Too cute. He still doesn't say anything we understand but he babbles a lot. It's really cute. 
My other Little Baby (LB) is doing awesome. I still don't feel LB moving but with my first one, I felt it around week 18. Two more months and we will know the gender. I'm excited. My friend Jana just had a gender party. She must be shopping til she drops now that she knows the gender of baby Shiloh. Other than Jana, I know 7 more ladies who are expecting. So far they are having 3 girls and 2 boys. It will be interesting to find out what the other two babies' genders are. It will be even more interesting to find out what my own baby's gender is. I have more interesting things to share about this month in the life of a pregnant mom but I'll save it to another post. 
Thanks for reading, so long!
Digital Mom said...

Hi! So glad pregnancy is going well for you! And happy belated birthday and anniversary!

Cintia Listenbee said...

Foi bonzinho. Não gostaria de comer todo dia mas a combinação de tudo ficou muito boa mesmo :)