Night Before 30

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I heard that a light comes on when you turn 30. I'll certainly look forward to that - whatever that means. My 20s were fun. My last day in my 20s was pretty much like most days since I became a mother: feedings, nap time, laundry, cooking, cleaning but all of these tasks were done with so much love and support from my husband and son (in his own little way). The Little Prince is teething, so we're feeling for him but we also know that all of us went through the same thing. This too shall pass. 

I haven't had time to get in a crisis because I'm turning 30 - life has been too busy for that. I remember knowing people who got depressed and really sad because they can't say they are in their 20s. My husband and I agree that we enjoyed our 20s but we do not want to go back. We have grown in the past decade and are still growing. We have experienced life to the fullest and we are satisfied with where God has lead us now.

I must say that highlight of my 20s was getting married to the love of my life. Sure, the degrees were nice and important but they do not compare to having Zeke in my life. I thank God for him daily. Becoming a mother was pretty awesome too. We really wanted to have at least one child in our 20s and we were blessed with our constant source of joy.

I recently heard from a lady at church that your 30s are a great decade. I loved to hear that and that's the way I want to live the next 10 years. One last thought on birthdays in general: I love when true friends remember my birthday without needing to go on my Facebook page and realize everyone is saying 'happy b-day!' so they do the same :)

I'll sign off for now. I'll have a birthday report tomorrow. A good night to all.