Pregnancy and Weight Loss

Thursday, January 28, 2010

* Before you start reading this post, please know that pregnancy is not the time to lose weight. You should consult with your doctor and have their opinion over anything you read in this blog. 

I wasn't naive. I knew with pregnancy more weight gain would happen but so far, I'm not gaining weight. In fact, I lost a little bit. The doctors are okay with it. They told me to make the calories count. If you are wondering if I'm exercising like crazy, the answer is no. The best I've been able to pull up is walking 3 miles once a week. 
I haven't been hungry and if I eat too much is not good either. I'm sure I'll gain weight later on as the baby grows. The  truth is, the goal of every pregnancy is to have a healthy baby and that's what I'm praying for.
One of the nurses told me that they have seen obese moms that start around 400 pounds and they eat so healthy that they lose some weight. As long as they make the calories count and have a healthy baby is all that matters. 
I found an article called Can Pregnancy Weight Loss be Good? at the in case you want to check it out.
I believe it's wise to find out what your doctors recommend as far as weight gain for you and stay within those guidelines.
With 27 more weeks to go, I'm thankful for health, strength and I'm thankful that the first trimester is about gone. Baby will be here soon and I want to continue to do my part to make sure this baby is nourished and cared for.