Lifetime of Love

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our first V-day as parents was awesome. Our church had a parents' night out, which was such a blessing! Not that many people took advantage of it but we sure did. It was perfect because I still feel reservations about asking people to keep LP for a couple of hours. I don't want to abuse their help if you know what I mean. I usually wait til someone offers or til we have something really special. 
I had a card but my V-day gift did not arrive as promised (thanks Amazon free 2-day delivery!). My husband was awesome tough. We went out to a fancy restaurant in town. I had the 4-oz beef tenderloin. All steaks are served with roasted red bliss potatoes and sauteed vegetables, which were delicious. I got their specialty dessert (a French crepe with bananas and dulce de leche) and some decaff with lots of cream. We pretty much spent our whole time there just talking and enjoyin each other's company. What a treat! LP slept the whole time we were away. 
The next day, my husband woke me up with a view of two dozen roses and a card he made. We went to church where I volunteered at the nursery and helped with worship. When we left, we went to Over Easy to get breakfast. I thought it was awesome. We took the baby with us and we were thankful to have couple's time the night before :) LP is good (we always get compliments on his behavior), he just get bored because he can't eat the same things as we do yet. 
I just thank God for my husband. He blesses me daily and last weekend was no different. This was our 7th Valentines' day together. I love him more, I know him more and I am looking forward to a lifetime together. Now if Amazon could hurry up and deliver his gift, we will all put V-day 2010 behind us :)